September 7th ~ Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia

Local Organizer: Tim Surette

Our tenth "Gulf of Maine Day" promises to be a unique stop on the historic French-Acadian Shore of St. Mary's Bay.

Approaching the site, we will use the towers of the majestic churches in the villages lining the coast as navigation landmarks. We will land at the beautifully renovated community wharf.

A walk on the 5-km nature trail will give our legs a good stretch and let us enjoy the low-impact use this community has made of its unique wetlands and other natural areas. We will see first hand the importance of the lobster and soft-shelled clam fisheries.

We look forward to experiencing the world-famous Acadian hospitality, as well as learning more about the special culture of this region and their plans for the World Acadian Congress in 2004.
Assisting in our visit will be Gary Peach, the Tourism Director for the Municipality of Clare, his staff, and local volunteers.

Rumor has it we may be greeted by a high profile mystery guest.