How You Can Help

Since the beginning, volunteers have helped in innumerable ways and we are most grateful for their infusion of good ideas and actions.

There are lots of ways you can get involved with the Gulf of Maine Expedition. Here are some things we know we need help with, but feel free to be creative and get in touch with us if you have other ideas:

The Comfort Team:
1. Supply us with fresh water.
2. Provide transportation to a grocery store.
3. Help us locate places to camp.
4. Allow us to use your laundry facilities.
5. During serious Nor'easters, or other inclement weather, offer us shelter.

The Administrative Assistant:
1. Allow us to hook into your phone line for Internet access.
2. Allow us to plug into your power outlet to recharge our computer batteries.
3. Connect us with local media.
4. Promote our presentations via media, posters, or word of mouth.
5. Attend our presentations and bring a friend.
6. Provide us access to a digital projector for our presentations.

Sales Staff:
1. Staff our booth for a few hours. We have a ready-made display booth at which we sell memberships, notecards, and photographs during town visits. All we require are salespeople.

Information Manager:
1. Provide us with information about the Gulf of Maine – share your stories, anecdotes, or Gulf Facts.
2. Inform us as to the key issues in your community.
3. Provide information about local conditions that affect paddling safety.